commitLosing your mind is difficult.

It is work. Every day. All day.  Although challenging, it is far from impossible.

Every day, we have the freedom to choose our thoughts. We can use those thoughts to create new realities. The problem is, if you have not lost your mind you will create more of the unpleasantness that you are currently experiencing.

Right now, I am in a dysfunctional relationship with a co-worker that really makes me want to snap his neck sometimes. It makes my days extra long and weary, as I have to work closely with him. Losing my mind in the workplace is work, however, the work gets lost in the work I am being paid to do. When I remember my commitment to reprogramming my mind about him and the situation (and keeping my hands to myself), I have a much better day. Sometimes the work is silently recalling a scripture or praying a simple ‘Help me Jesus’. Other times it may be remembering a quote I’ve heard or realizing that I am judging him through my experiences and point of view which really is not fair.

Tip #2 – Commit to the Process. Lose your mind as many times a day as necessary. Be resilient, don’t give up. Your (quality of) life depends on your commitment.

“When negative thoughts come – and they will, they come to all of us. It’s not enough to just not dwell on it…you’ve got to replace it with a positive thought.” ~ Joel Osteen

Are you ready to commit to the process? Are you up for the challenge? If your answer is yes, then join me as I join the Uncommon Chick community in this 10 day challenge.

ICYMI: Tip #1